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Both the American audience and the profession were enchanted by our Non Solus (Not Alone) production that premiered in the Opera House of New York's Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the leading centre of avantgarde arts. Performed between 14 and 16 February 2019, the show had three sold-out evening performances followed with standing ovation. The New York Times published articles about Non Solus twice, speaking highly of the "ballet in the air" performance directed by Bence Vagi, and wrote with appraisement about the exceptional skills of Renato Illes and Gabor Zsiros, the performers of the show.

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Budapest’s acclaimed contemporary circus company, Recirquel, makes its BAM debut with Non Solus (Not Alone). This powerful work for two male performers created by Bence Vági, founder and artistic director of the company, tells the story of fragmented souls yearning to form a perfect union, a journey relayed through the closely related disciplines of dance and circus. The piece is performed by Renátó Illés and Gábor Zsiros, who were originally trained in circus and dance, respectively, and then cross-trained for the work. Non Solus is set to compositions by Bach, which alternate with contemporary electronic organ music—creating an aural space that underscores dramatic physical feats.

By merging the poetic delicacy represented by dance and the enchantment quality of circus, Non Solus lays the foundations of a new genre in performing arts, Bence Vági refers to as ‘cirque danse’.

Recirquel has its first ever premiere in New York with Non Solus playing in BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), one of the world's leading centers for progressive and avant garde performances in February 2019.

For this winter season Recirquel is premiering 'Kristály', a magical new production created by Bence Vági, artistic director of the company. Evoking the atmosphere of the holidays, the enchanting world of 'Kristály', a winter contemporary circus tale awaits children and adults alike in the snow-covered, huge circus tent standing in front of Müpa Budapest, where the sparklingly frozen fairy-tale scenes come to live before the very eyes of the audience who become active participants of the show.

The most recent production of the Hungarian contemporary circus company Recirquel Company Budapest, My Land premiered at Edinburgh Festival Fringe/Assembly Festival this August. Based on critics’ opinions My Land was the best show not only at the Fringe, but also among the productions of the entire 2018 Edinburgh Festival.

Recirquel’s moving new piece sees the company explore humanity’s roots – the eternal inheritance of humankind and earth under the guidance of Artistic Director Bence Vági. Seven of Ukraine's most talented circus artists present a vision of light and shadow fusing ancient tradition with mind-blowing skills. Pushing the boundaries of the human body, My Land resonates with the most ancient myths of humanity, staging artists as they search for the sound of their own freedom in a timeless space expanded by illusions.

In probably one of the most ambitious stagings at the Fringe, performers rise up from a soil-covered set to tell their personal stories creating mesmerising images evoking tradition, freedom and love. Featuring traditional Tatar, Moldavian, and other music pieces from the Ukraine, and never before seen physical feats, My Land is part contemporary dance, part circus performance incorporating the show stopping energy of the Eastern European acrobatic arts.